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The Sole Spa

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With this app our client will be able to:

  • Get directions to their store from anywhere
  • Schedule appointments
  • Learn about Reflexology and its benefits
  • Follow them on Facebook & Twitter
  • Find them latest promotions
  • Get coupons for free offers
  • Post feedback on their services


Dunbar Eye Care




Critter Drifting


Wildwood School

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Our client use this app to stay in touch with students and parents, keep updated with the latest school news, events, login to D2L, check email, and even find out if the school buses are on time for that day. A lot more other features in this app that is great for parents, staff and students alike.

Wildwood School is located in the southwest picturesque community of Wildwood and is part of Area IV of the Calgary Board of Education. Wildwood School serves the communities of Wildwood, Spruce Cliff, Westgate, Aspen Woods and Cougar Ridge.

Wildwood students transition to Vincent Massey or Bishop Pinkham (French Immersion) Junior High School and then to Ernest Manning or Central Memorial High School.

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