Customized School Apps

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Done For You

simplyTAPit removes the hassles and handles every aspect of building your school app.

We prepare all your school’s information and aid you in making changes inside the app. All it takes is an email to our team and we will update your app.

Push Notifications in Real Time

Send out push notifications/messages to anyone that has the app on their iOS or Android device instantly. No more missed messages, emails or phone calls.

i.e. flood alerts, timetable changes, special announcements & app updates.

Streamline Communications

Your school App enhances communication channels – saving energy, time and ultimately money spent on inefficient processes.

eg. cut down on printing costs, lower calls made to parents, easy one click absentee button, use of electronic forms etc.

Improves Interaction

Your app will be a constant connection between your school administration and your educators, students & their parents.

Electronic Newsletters

Keep current and also archived newsletters for the school year inside the app.

One App For All

The whole school community has access to the app so everyone of your management team, staff, students & parents can now read from the same platform.

No Techies Needed

There’s no technical knowledge needed with simplyTAPit apps! Just send in your changes needed and we handle everything for you.

Safe & Secure

Our apps are powered by 5 load balancers and 2 dedicated database servers.

There is 99.8% uptime on our servers and a backup of your content is taken everyday. Your data is also double salted and encrypted so hacking is extremely difficult…almost near impossible.

Our platform is monitored by some of the world’s best 24/7.